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Best-selling author Wildine Pierre is set to launch a new book for teens about handling peer pressure and thriving with friendship 

With an impressive background in psychological research where she understands the thought process and the power of mental attitude, author Wildine Pierre is able to mix this with her cordial writing style – a blend that’s highly commended by readers worldwide. She magically does this again in her new book, “Highly Productive Teens with MAD Social Skills.”


International best-selling author Wildine Pierre continues to carve out her own name in the industry with the anticipated release of her new book, “Highly Productive Teens with MAD Social Skills,” touted as a practical blueprint for teens.
The book, now available on Amazon, is impressively written with a warm and authentic style, where teenagers get to look at a rich collection of life-changing approaches and advice to help them thrive socially, emotionally, and beyond.
“Highly Productive Teens with MAD Social Skills” enables young readers to learn about the challenges of being a teen, overcoming bullying, beating anxiety, becoming an unstoppable leader, and developing and  mastering social skills. It also offers practical methods for growing into the person they want to be.

Wildine, whose writing is lauded for being warm and refreshingly honest, has a professional background in healthcare and is on a mission to help others unleash their true potential.

Wildine made this possible through one of her highly rated books, “On My Way To Greatness,” which takes readers on a journey of understanding the power of affirmations, teaching them how to unlock their potential and manifest the power within them.

Samir K.G., in a review, said the book, also available on Amazon, has so much to offer to young and old readers alike.

“I did not expect so much knowledge in a book with affirmations. Nice reading. Not only lists of affirmations to try but first, there is many information about how it works, when it works, what to do to make it work, and how to build your own affirmations to help you and succeed with it,” said Samir.

Through her books, the best-selling author shares personal tales from her own life, complete with various straightforward and focused advice, making it easy for readers to implement changes right away.

Fans and readers who want to pre-order her sought-after book, “Highly Productive Teens with MAD Social Skills,” may visit www.wildinepierre.com right away. They can also check out more books, giveaways, and a helpful blog section on the site.

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