Wildine Pierre


Meet Wildine Pierre

With a professional background in healthcare and a passion for helping others unleash their true potential, Wildine’s writing is warm and refreshingly honest. She is an advocate for living the life you want to live, speaking things into existence, and finding your purpose on earth.

 Wildine hopes to empower her readers through her books by blending her cordial writing style with her psychology research background. She understands the thought process, the power of the mental attitude, emotional resilience, assertiveness, and boundary-setting in the modern world. Her willingness to share personal stories from her own life, with her straightforward and focused advice, makes it easy for readers to implement changes immediately. When she’s not writing or focusing on helping others, you might find her traveling the world, catching on her favorite shows, running a marathon, or playing candy crush.

Wildine speaks moderately fluently (French, Creole, English) and Spanish fluently. Wildine currently resides in northern California with her supportive husband, two beautiful sons, and a pair of overactive huskies.

Interview with the Author

Wildine Pierre offers a unique and beautiful experience with her books. With a gentle sense of humor and a lot of belief, she creates a path to self-improvement.

Books By This Author

Nursing unveiled:
the hidden truth about nursing and how to survive as a new graduate
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On My Way To Greatness:
Understanding the power of affirmations, unlock your full potential and manifest the power within you
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