Wildine Pierre

Highly productive teens with mad social skills

by Wildine Pierre

Book Synopsis

Empower your teen to achieve success with this down-to-earth guide for the modern teenager.

Beautifully written with a warm and authentic style, inside this practical blueprint for teens, you’ll uncover a rich collection of life-changing strategies and advice to help teenagers thrive emotionally, socially, and beyond.

As a refreshing antidote to our busy and confusing modern world, you’ll join the author as she cuts through the mystery of being a teenager, providing a practical roadmap that will empower you to look at life in new and exciting ways.


Whether you struggle with shyness and social anxiety, bullying or cyberbullying, or if you want to grow your leadership talents and become a person that others look up to, Highly Effective Teens With MAD Social Skills invites you to explore a wealth of profound lessons that will help you develop your social skills, strengthen your mental health, and become highly effective in every area of your life.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:

  • The Challenges of Being a Teen – What Nobody Tells You
  • Practical Methods For Growing Into The Person You Want To Be
  • How To Overcome Bullying, Beat Social Anxiety, and Become an Unstoppable Leader
  • Simple Ways To Prevent Your Phone From Ruling Your Life
  • Highly Effective Strategies For Kickstarting Your Self-Improvement Journey
  • The Secret Behind Affirmations and Meditation (and Why They Will Change Your Life)
  • How to develop and master social skills

And So Much More…

As an essential tool for parents and educators who want to help today’s teens grow into happy, thriving adults, Highly Effective Teens With MAD Social Skills is the product of over a decade spent researching psychology and mental health. This book shares tried-and-tested tools that will provide teenagers with a meaningful path to deal with their challenges and grow into thriving, emotionally healthy adults.

Are you ready to inspire your teen to become a high achiever? Then grab your copy today!