Wildine Pierre

Nursing Unveiled: the hidden truth about nursing and how to survive as a new graduate

by Wildine Pierre







May 18, 2022

Publication Date

Book Synopsis

Are you a new graduate and are wondering about nursing in the workplace? Look no further!

Having a dream job is not enough to get you through difficult times. This book explains the challenges while debunking the several misconceptions nurses face every day.

Included in this book are:

  • Practical guidance on the common concerns and problems faced 
  • Coping and Strategies for a successful career as a new graduate
  • Discuss burnout, racism, discrimination, time management, self-care, & more
  • Nursing misconceptions list 
  • Delivers contemporary strategies to help new nurses powerfully assert themselves within the healthcare system

Clearly written and engaging and offering life and career-changing moments in nurses’ lives, this book skips all the fluff and condenses all the best myths and truths about nursing and provides an overview of the experiences and challenges nurses face but were not mentioned in nursing school. Nursing unveiled is an easy-to-read and vital addition to your home library or as a gift.